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Oct 1, 2012



production site

The production start with the continious
mining method
cutting into the rock salt face using specialized equipment named a
Roadheader a state-of-the-art tunnelmachine with thungsten cutting picks to shear salt from the rock face, thus avoiding the need for explosives.  The production capacity from our 250kwh electric powered continious miner is average 200T/H.  This miner dig 5,5 meter wide and 4 meter high, the machine is 9
meters long and 2.5 meter wide, See the photo on the right. 
Salt tunnelmachine  

We shall extract salt from the mine in rectangular “room” sections, leaving behind vast “pillars” of salt to support the mine structure. ( see the Mine structure page )
We will build in those room sections (gallery's) offices, maintenance and storage spaces.

Salt dumper Diesel powered frontend loaders and trucks, identical to the machines that perform earthwork on the surface, load and haul the salt to the crusher plant with sieve where it is reduced in grane size from 0-3, 4-5, 6-10 mm ,and screens the rock salt to the required sizes and after it be transported by conveyors to the surface, from there a weelloader brings it to the storage deposit site. If customer dont need screened rocksalt ( unbroken ) we can deliver on request.